in the Quartz Crystal Capital of the World

A Unique Arkansas Experience
Fun for the Whole Family

Yes, Quartz Crystal mining is fun and safe for the entire family. Kids nine to ninety enjoy playing
in the dirt and getting dirty, with no one to fuss at them. There are slight hazards in all crystal
mines and the crystals can be very sharp sometimes, but with professional instruction you can
leave at the end of the day with all your treasures, safe and sound.

Many crystal mines are open for digging your own crystals. The mines consist of pits, exposed
hillsides, and “tailing piles” where excavators have removed the soil and clay in search of quartz
veins that run through the mountains. At some crystal mines, there are areas where crystals are
literally lying on the ground. That sounds easy, and sometimes it is just that simple.  Novice diggers
often have difficulty recognizing the crystals and need a little help, because the crystals look
different in each mine, depending on what material they formed in; clay, sandstone, shale, or iron
rich soil. Regardless of the area you dig in, it is best to wear old clothes and shoes because you will
get dirty.

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The Dig Masters at Nirvana Star Farms have years of experience mining quartz crystal in the
mines of the Ouachita Mountains, and are available to guide you through your Arkansas Crystal
Mining Experience.