Wholesale Minerals
In addition to Arkansas Quartz Crystal, we offer a complete line of Retail and Wholesale Mineral Specimens. Those
items that we have an abundance of, we wholesale when we can. Retail Prices will be noted as that and all other
prices are wholesale. Residents of Arkansas and Texas need to supply a Tax Id to purchase without sales tax.
Shipping and handling is for USA Only. Worldwide buyers need to
Contact Us for shipping information.
These Barite Roses come from the Garber
Sandstone, Lake Thunderbird Area in Cleveland
County Oklahoma. They symbolize the realization
that all things are possible.

Metaphysical Properties
Barite is an excellent stone for use in the healing of
the earth. It produces incentive to "go for" ones
dreams without restraint. It enhances friendship,
harmony, and love, and can provide independence
and motivation.
Picture is representative of the
specimens you will receive.
30 Roses size varies - $45
$10.50 s&h Priority Mail